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Yes, our emergency department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide immediate medical care for emergencies.

Yes, patients can access their medical records online through our secure patient portal.

Yes, we offer telemedicine appointments for certain medical specialties. Please inquire with our scheduling department for more information.

Our staff is fluent in [both english & hindi], and interpretation services are available for other languages upon request.

Yes, we offer financial assistance programs for eligible patients. Please contact our financial counseling department for more information.

Hospital bills can be paid online through our secure payment portal, by mail, or in person at our billing office.

We offer various amenities for patients and visitors, including cafeteria services, gift shops, and waiting areas with complimentary Wi-Fi.

Yes, you can bring personal belongings for a hospitalized patient. Please check with the nursing staff for any specific guidelines or restrictions.

Yes, we can provide information about nearby accommodations and lodging options for out-of-town patients and their families.

We adhere to strict protocols for patient safety and infection control, including regular cleaning and disinfection of facilities, hand hygiene practices, and adherence to CDC guidelines.

Yes, you can request a second opinion from another doctor. Please speak with your primary physician or contact our patient advocacy department for assistance.

In most cases, patients are allowed to have food and beverages brought from outside. Please check with the nursing staff for any dietary restrictions or guidelines.

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